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Steering Committee Member Paul Engineri speaks with a resident at the Public Workshop held on October 7. Together they discussed the future of Ovid while reviewing information about community demographics and maps showing current land uses in the Town.

Welcome to the Official Site of the Town of Ovid Comprehensive Plan

Supervisor Walt Prouty and the Town Board have initiated a public-participation process to create a new comprehensive plan for the Town of Ovid.

Check here often for updates and key information about the planning process. The site also provides a convenient way to contact the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

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Status Report

Committee Members

For all public and general committee meetings, minutes are being taken and will be provided for review by the public on the “Plan Process” page of this website.

Next Steering Committee Meeting:

November 29, 2017 , 6:00,

at the Fire House

Steering Committee Hosts Workshop: “More Opportunities for Involvement to Come”

The Steering Committee for the Town of Ovid Comprehensive Plan hosted a community workshop on Saturday, October 7. The objective was to further involve residents in the process to develop a new Comprehensive Plan - a planning tool for the Town.

About 25 members of the Ovid community attended, listening to an initial presentation from Project Leader Jane Rice, of Environmental Design & Research (EDR), part of the MRB Group/EDR team of consultants providing guidance to the committee.

"The turnout for the event was very encouraging," noted Diana Smith, a member of the project team. "Despite concerns about participation, the community is getting far more involvement than they realize," she continued, noting that the survey response and workshops indicate more participation than the average rate for a rural community.

Much of the discussion focused on the nexus or connection between comprehensive planning and zoning - a "hot" issue in Ovid.

"This is the flash point for Ovid," said one resident.

There have been previous attempts to address whether zoning is a need in the Town, where residential, commercial, and agricultural land uses have traditionally intermingled without controversy. In more recent years, lakefront property owners have raised concerns about the potential for conflicts over development of property.  

"Our job is NOT to prescribe zoning or any other new land use regulations," said Jane Rice, "but rather to help the citizens of Ovid decide what kind of future they want for their community."

"Then we'll help the committee make recommendations about how to get there," she added.

Following the presentation, the workshop included several stations where participants learned about the data gathered during the community assessment, including demographics, maps, and survey results.  A "conversation map" exercise provided an opportunity to express concerns and comments about zoning in a more comfortable manner.  

Feedback from participants will help the committee to better define the public's beliefs and concerns, and will be discussed during the next several meetings of the committee.  

(All "project boards" displayed at the workshop have been included with this article.  If you have trouble viewing them, a printable

Workshop Display Boards and Exercises (Click to view full images)

document with the images is available on the "status" page of this website, labeled Workshop 10-7-17.)

"There will be a second workshop," assured Committee Chairman John Hubbard, "so there will continue to be opportunities for involvement."

Rice explained that it's still early in the process, with no documentation yet created.

"Pen has not been put to paper," she stated.  Once the documentation stage is reached, a public hearing process will further ensure that citizens have a say in the plan's outcome.  

In the meantime, public participation continues to be encouraged by the Steering Committee with open meetings, members' individual outreach and the website portal, while emails, comments, and discussion with committee members is always welcomed.  The next Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18, at 6:00, at the Firehouse on Brown Street.

Ovid Posters 1.pdf Ovid Posters 2.pdf Ovid Posters 3.pdf Ovid Posters 4.pdf Ovid Posters 5.pdf

More Workshop Display Boards and Exercises (Click to view full images)

Ovid Posters 6.pdf Ovid Posters 7.pdf Ovid Posters 8.pdf

All Ovid community members are invited to attend a public meeting on Tuesday, December 12th, at 6:00pm at the Fire Station on 2136 Brown Street in Ovid to play a key role in the ongoing Comprehensive Plan.    

This public meeting will provide an important opportunity for community members to learn about the status of the plan’s process and to share their thoughts on the draft vision statement and the draft recommendations. The vision statement and recommendations are key elements of the Comprehensive Plan and provide a resource for future decision-making in the Town and for leveraging external revenue sources, such as grants.

“The Town Board wants input and feedback from as many residents as possible,” said John Hubbard, who will serve as Chairman of the Steering Committee and liaison with the Town Board. “We want to make sure everyone has a voice in the process,” he stated.

Ovid community members of all ages are encouraged to attend. For a sharable postcard with event information, click here.

December 12th Workshop Planned:

Residents Encouraged to Play a Role