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Ovid’s “Three Bears” date back to the mid-nineteenth century, and proudly stand as one of two historic locations of the Seneca County seat. They are an important cultural resource in the Ovid community. While the County affixed its day-to-day operations in Waterloo years ago, County officials still preside over one annual meeting in the “Three Bears”  Courthouse.  

Welcome to the Official Site of the Town of Ovid Comprehensive Plan

Supervisor Walt Prouty and the Town Board have initiated a public-participation process to create a new comprehensive plan for the Town of Ovid.

Check here often for updates and key information about the planning process. The site also provides a convenient way to contact the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

Meet the Committee…

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Status Report

Committee Members

For all public and general committee meetings, minutes are being taken and will be provided for review by the public on the “Plan Process” page of this website.

Town Launches Comprehensive Plan Process: Committee Meets

The Town of Ovid has initiated a process to develop a new Comprehensive Plan for the community, thanks to the volunteerism of several individuals. Appointed by the Town Board, the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee is comprised of nine residents and/or business owners - each a stakeholder in the Ovid community, with what the Town Board hopes is a unique and beneficial perspective to offer the planning process.

The first meeting was held in May, with a review of the project objectives and the process scope.  The project will be guided by both MRB Group and EDR, Environmental Design and Research. The two planning consultants teamed together to provide professional support and organization to a community-driven process.

"Supervisor Prouty and the Town Board have expressed how important they believe public participation will be in ensuring a thorough plan that reflects the needs and concerns of the community," said Diana Smith, co-leader of consulting team.  She and Jane Rice will head a team of planners and facilitators that will keep the process on a time schedule which is expected to last through the summer of 2017.

"Several opportunities will be created during the process to promote community involvement, beginning with an immediate public awareness campaign," Smith said.  

"Information about the website, a communication resource provided to assist the project, will be distributed," she continued, "to introduce the project, the Committee, and how residents can directly participate by sharing thoughts and comments via email."  The website will include updates on the status of the project, as well as a "project thermometer" so community members can see the latest activity.

"Comprehensive Plans can be a lengthy process, but it's important that community residents become engaged, and remain connected through to its completion," said Jane Rice.  

"We will do everything we can to foster participation from representative groups throughout the community," Rice said.  She encouraged everyone who is willing to offer feedback to do so.  

"The greater the level of participation, the stronger the plan will be," she said.

At the first meeting, the Committee selected Town Board liaison John Hubbard to serve as Chairman.  Other Committee members are:  Pam Armitage, Joe Borst, Jean Currie, William Dalrymple, Paul Engineri, Toby Hertzler, Carrie Smalser, and Rod Winkleblack.  The Town also requested that the Village Board provide a representative.  The committee anticipates that appointment in the near future.  Chairman Hubbard will serve as the central point of contact for committee members, although individual email address and means of contact will be also be available through the website's "Committee Members" page.  In addition, the site will provide a "Contact" page for email submissions. All communications received will be shared with the Committee at subsequent meetings.

In order to keep the process more orderly and productive, the Committee agreed to keep proceedings open to the public, as a measure to strongly encourage public participation, but reserved public comment for specific events created to foster community involvement.  The committee will likely be planning those participation events in upcoming meeting.  They will likely include public workshops with "hands-on" opportunities for involvement in planning discussions.

Next Steering Committee Meeting:

Feb. 16, 6:00, at the Fire House

Public Presentation Hosted By Town Board

Town Supervisor Walt Prouty and Comprehensive Plan Committee Chairman John Hubbard welcomed Ovid residents at a recent meeting of the Ovid Town Board on July 13, where attendees learned about the Town’s new Comprehensive Plan project.  The Town-appointed Steering Committee was introduced.  Diana Smith and Connie Sowards from the MRB Group / EDR consulting team presented a brief overview of a planning process which will take place over the next 12-18 months, and will involve a focus on public participation.

"The Town Board wants input and feedback from as many residents as possible," said John Hubbard, who will serve as Chairman of the Steering Committee and liaison with the Town Board.  "We want to make sure everyone has a voice in the process," he stated.

The presentation included a look at a new website created to support the planning project: www.TownofOvidComprehensivePlan.org .

Several public participation opportunities have been built into the planning process, including upcoming Focus Group meetings, workshops, and the public hearing process required before the plan can be adopted by the Town.

"This is an opportunity for Ovid residents to consider our own future, and plan for the kind of community we want to become," Hubbard concluded.

Steering Committee Reviews Focus Group Feedback

The Steering Committee for the Town of Ovid Comprehensive Plan spent much of their recent meeting on January 25 reviewing the feedback received from residents. More than 40 community members participated in seven focus groups, discussing unique and specific “perspectives” that would provide additional insight to the Steering Committee.  The feedback will be instrumental as the committee considers the Town’s characteristics, its strengths and challenges, and the future of the Ovid community.

Having initiated a community-based planning process, the Ovid Town Board wanted to provide as much opportunity for public involvement as possible. Consultants MRB Group/EDR therefore created a number of opportunities for public interaction with the Steering Committee and the planning process, including the focus groups, as well as a communication portal available at this website.  Click here to send your thoughts to the Steering Committee.